Heather Brock and Jennifer Wundrow of Nest Design Co. recently completed a houseboat — yes, a houseboat! — in Sausalito, California. The charming Bay Area town is the idyllic setting for a dream home just like this one, and the designers were excited to get started. While the houseboat was purchased in great condition, it just wasn’t going to work with the client’s lifestyle. “Our client was looking to relocate her and her two boys from a larger home in Larkspur to a houseboat on the water. She works full-time and needed the assistance of a designer to manage the full scope of the project,” Heather says. The client only brought one rug from her former home, so the duo had their work cut out for them.

When you enter, there’s a large loft over the kitchen and a powder room — both of which were initially inaccessible. The team added a library ladder (so chic!) and gutted the powder room, removing an original wooden bathtub in order to reduce the bathroom’s size. This created room for a small laundry room with storage. Downstairs, the duo designed a fireplace surrounded by built-ins for additional storage — a must in a small space. They also pushed out the wall in the master bedroom and added an en-suite master bathroom. This wasn’t easy, Jennifer explains: “The plumbing and pump requirements, with all the angles necessary for proper flow, in the limited space proved challenging. We worked closely with the contractor to work through all the details.”

Outdoors, there’s a lot of succulents and greenery to give a garden-like feel — which ended up being a highlight of the entire project. “Aside from seeing our clients’ faces when they first walk in, we love the flow of the houseboat and could spend hours sitting on one of the decks enjoying the view,” Heather says. “On a foggy day, we could love to curl up in front of the fireplace and read a book.”

Up next for Nest Design Co. is a ground-up construction project in Ross. “Think storybook fairytale meets modern-day amenities,” Jennifer says. “We can’t wait to share it with all of you!”