Joe and Lauren Grimm weren’t always experts in beermaking. As artists and students in Rhode Island, they had experimented with making various fermented drinks, from kombucha to ginger beer, and finally, they ventured into ales. Their inspiration started when they were on a trip to Belgium and quickly became fascinated by the complexity of the flavor created by the malts, hops, and yeast of local beers.

Upon their return to the United States, they began making small batches of 5-gallon brews for themselves and friends, that quickly became a big hit. Finally, in 2013 they decided to expand Grimm into a full-on beer brand – making surprising and delicious flavorful beers to sell. But, the one setback was that they were a nomadic brand, with no home-base moving between various breweries that made their product.

Grimm Taproom is the beginning of a new phase for the brand, serving as both a production space to create their 10 plus beer lines and host customers to enjoy a cold draught beer and light fare by Samesa. The 7,500 square foot space has been redesigned by inc_a to be a fun, light-filled space with a retro style bar by Tri-Lox and pops of bright color in the form of Lynchian red velvet curtains that wrap around both sides of the room. The quirky wallpaper by Gretta Johnson in the bathrooms reflected in the infinity mirrors and the burst of green from the tropical plants that dot the space further drive the point that Grimm is all about playfulness and enjoyment.