Some may not be familiar with Austria’s second-largest city, Graz, also known as ‘Vienna’s Little Sister’. But it’s a city that is anything but second-tier: quick access to several nearby ski resorts, surrounded by vineyards, and choc-full of both historical and contemporary architecture. The Old Town of Graz offers incredible culture, art, architecture, and design. Amongst one of its most impressive structures is the Grand Hotel Wiesler.

Established in 1909, the original owner, Carl Wiesler, acquired five guest houses that he converted into this hotel. From 1945-1954 it served as a headquarters for British officers but soon returned to its hospitality roots. The hotel has been recently renovated to reflect the city’s current vibe – the lobby features a permanent exhibit of the artist Clemens Hollerer, including an impressive installation hanging from the ceiling, and at night the space converts to a social space with a DJ, cocktails, and Czech beer.

Its 104 rooms have been refurbished with a mix of modern furniture with lush velvet curtains and leather chesterfield sofas and armchairs. The bathrooms feature Talavera sinks from Mexico, and in some suites, guests can enjoy a luxurious free-standing tub and private fireplace. The hotel also features a barber, restaurant, and spa inspired by the Orient (Moroccan sinks and a samovar with aromatic tea at the ready). We think that the Grand Hotel Wiesler is as their saying goes: ‘an extravagant amount of space for elegant time-wasting.”