Increasingly, our standards for not just service but also design are high. We expect our restaurants and hotels and even shops to have the right atmosphere. So naturally, when dermatologist Dr. Nancy Samolitis and business expert Danielle Nadick founded FACILE, they knew that their new space had to be stylish. They hired Shannon Wollack and Brittany Zwickl of Studio LIFE.STYLE to create a space that felt warm and welcoming, not clinical.

“The design intent behind FACILE was to integrate both natural and feminine elements to create an inviting and refined space that is suited for any woman or man seeking a fresh take on a dermatology boutique,” explain the designers of Studio LIFE.STYLE. Round archways, luxurious velvet furniture and brass accents add a soft feel to the space. The custom rounded reception counter made of Corian was another stand out feature that elevated the look.

Whether clients are selecting off of the Treatment Menu, hanging out in the waiting room or shopping from the Product Bar, FACILE looks polished and refined, but you want to stay and hang out. “Our approach was to achieve a California aesthetic,” shares Studio LIFE.STYLE. “Using natural elements but also making the space feel elevated and special- make it feel more like a home than a medical office.”