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Located just a few minutes away from Corona del Mar’s bustling restaurants and shops is a beautiful modern farmhouse by Erica Bryen Design. “The house was a ground up project, so we started with a blank slate,” Erica tells us. “We were brought on in the middle stages of working with the architect.” This was a spec house, so Erica’s top priority was to create the ideal family home for a potential buyer to fall in love with and feel perfectly at home. She explains, “We were hired to help design materials, cabinets, tile, paint, finishes, furniture, etc to create a warm and inviting home that has a timeless and unique feeling. We wanted to create a turnkey home so the potential buyers could walk in and immediately imagine their own family living and using the space. We designed everything from the inside out with the future buyer in mind.”

Even though the home has a beautiful open floor plan, each space still feels quite independent. “Material selection was key in creating individually inviting spaces that flow throughout the home,” Erica says. “We made sure to keep a consistent theme throughout, but changed it up with different colors, textures, tiles and patterns. We also used different ceiling treatments like beams and planking to visually separate the spaces within the open floor plan.” Another consistent theme in the home? Beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. We’d love to call this property home! Take a tour in the slideshow.