When Elizabeth Mercer of mercerINTERIOR first toured the apartment owned by her clients, Harry and Mara, in a building designed byRichard Meier in downtown Brooklyn she was struck by the space’s beautiful architectural lines… and rather unusual geometry.

So Elizabeth set out to make the most of the square footage, while blending her client’s sophisticated style with the needs of a young family. They overall let Elizabeth take a lead but had one very important request – a Murphy bed for the master bedroom. Given the small scale of Brooklyn living, the couple wanted their bedroom to be another place their young kids could play, especially on evenings when the parents were entertaining.

The unanticipated benefit of the Murphy bed is Harry and Mara find themselves using their bedroom more than ever. Each morning the bed goes up, and when they come home in the evening there is a place to relax together before heads hit the pillow. Luckily, Elizabeth selected lightweight, easily movable pieces to allow her clients to constantly shift their space to fit their needs. She says, “I love the leather stools with the lucite bases. The lucite kind of echoes the open feeling of the windows. They add extra seating and leather is easy to clean.”

In the living room, Elizabeth also created custom solutions. She says, “There is a large column right in front of the window that we built the shelving unit around. Figuring that part out was tricky. I wanted to take advantage of the beautiful windows, which previously had a lot of things in front of them, including track lighting. I wanted to open that up so that it could feel like they are living on the inside and the outside at the same time.”

To that end, we’d say she succeeded. Take a look at the whole home in the slideshow, including that Murphy bed!