The art of creating the eclectic home is something that can only be mastered by a very lucky and talented few. The rest of us just have to accept that we can’t always pull off a turquoise door, Moroccan bone side table and a mid-century coffee table in the same room. In our own spaces, it might look more like we had a nervous breakdown and changed our minds mid-design process. Until the day we can make it all work, we’ll just have to admire the pros and their perfectly quirky homes.

One example of this type of eclectic brilliance is Vanessa Partridge’s house outside of Melbourne. With white planked walls, industrial sconces, and relaxed textiles, this space is the epitome of effortless style. Vanessa and her husband Richard had a little bit of help from their decorator friend Chelsea Hing who worked with them to uncover the potential in this originally dated house. Taking down walls to open up the space, making every room as functional as possible, Chelsea kept them on track to make the most of their home. Most of it was a seamless collaboration between creative minds. But like the majority of clients, Vanessa and Richard fell in love with a bath from Boyd Alternatives that was just too big for their bathroom, forcing them to rethink their bedroom’s planning by placing the tub in the bay window.

With its cheerful architectural details, soft linen sofas, and rough around the edges wooden tables, Vanessa’s home feels welcoming. It’s those inexplicable factors that can turn a space from four walls to a place of happiness and relaxation. Vanessa says that she was initially attracted to the house because of its good ‘feeling’. The positive energy is definitely palpable, but we think that it’s also Vanessa’s amazing flower arranging ability that gives off that impression. Head over to her site Prunella to see her talent at its best! For now, we’ll take in the eye candy and attempt to recreate this home’s style.

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