Tristan Auer is Paris’ design renaissance man: interior architect, decorator, and product designer… anything he envisions is pure genius. It’s not just us who has noticed: besides designing many high end hotels (such as the Hotel du Louvre), he’s also been the eye behind Karl Lagerfeld and Nina Ricci’s Parisian apartments. His minimalism is something that the great minds of the Bauhaus would appreciate, his sophistication is true to his French heritage and his love of contemporary art and details make him fresh. There’s nothing negative about his work, except for when you have to choose your favorite!

We love this home in Les Invalides for its sophistication mixed with youthful avant-garde art. Sure the furniture is quite high-brow, upholstered in high-end velvets and marble, but his playfulness with the details is what makes it so perfect. Just when the crown moldings and classic modern pieces had you thinking it was one of those classy Parisian pied-a-terres that seem beyond reality, he surprised you with a punch of neon lighting.

Sure, this isn’t an apartment that is set up for long tv sessions with food at your finger-tips (no Superbowl tailgating here!) but the home owners’ personality comes out in the quirky artwork, simple bathroom and kitchen design. Then again, if you had a great glass of white wine in hand, with those spectacular views, any tv experience would pale in comparison.

And for those of us living in the US, click to end of the slideshow to see a few pieces on this side of the ocean that recreate the Tristan Auer look.