The word “Bondi” makes us think of some of the best things in life: dependable sunny weather, welcoming locals, and the faint smell of salt in the air. Truly, there’s not a thing we don’t love about this Sydney neighborhood. And if the vibe wasn’t enough, there’s also amazing design down-under. Australian interiors are colorful, cool, and optimistic. As one of the best examples of their undeniably great style, we’re sharing an inside look at Belinda Everinghart’s Bondi home.

You might know Belinda as the creator of Bondi Wash, an eco-friendly household cleaning product brand with tantalizing scents inspired by the Australian bush. Fed up with the troubling side-effects her family was experiencing while using commercial brands, she decided to switch to eucalyptus oil instead. But she didn’t stop there; her travels to the rain forests in North Queensland made her realize how many native Australian botanicals had not yet been used for their fresh scents. Now, her product range boasts three different fragrances including “Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin”, “Peppermint & Rosemary” and “Tasmanian Pepper & Lavender”.

With her sensitivity for coming up with a great product, Belinda used her ingenuity to put together a cheerful and airy bungalow for her family. Click on our slideshow to take the tour.

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