We all have lifestyle fantasies that transport us to a happy place when things get too stressful. For some, that may be living on a remote island in the Caribbean, or living in a quaint bed and breakfast, but for other’s (especially those ski fanatics) it’s living in a gorgeous lodge half the year, enjoying the slopes on a weekly basis. For this Australian family, this dream became reality – from June to September their four boys are able to ski regularly while leading a normal teenage life. But as much as their lifestyle is enviable, it’s their home which intrigues us the most.

You might remember the name Hecker Guthrie, the design team behind this project, for their work on the restaurant The Old Library which we featured a few months back. In a similar modern contemporary way, they brought their interior design skill to this Mount Buller ski lodge. Their talent? Knowing how to mix vintage with new pieces seamlessly into their design for an effect that shows a point of view while still feeling personalized. We love these types of examples for their perfectly imperfect result.

By playing with dark and light, the Hecker Guthrie team created different moods in each room. Some of the paneling was painted white as a way to reference the lightness and purity of the snow of the Mount Buller surroundings. But in moments where coziness is key (the bedroom and bathroom), the wood panels were left brown and as carpeting was installed for softness underfoot. A mixture of plaids, felts and leathers were used to continue the masculine pattern and texture throughout the space, perfect for a family with four boys. And to give the home a personalized feel, family skiing photos and medals were framed.

So while the temperatures drop, we can be inspired by this cozy Australian mountain-top home by filling our spaces with soft felts, faux-fur and a muted masculine palette that is perfect for those winter curl-up moments.

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