When we first laid eyes on the Albert Street residence designed by Studio Four, we were immediately drawn in by its magnificent built-in bookcase. For those of us who enjoy curling up on the sofa with a great book, this home seemed like a unique enclave for inspiration, where one could thumb through a few tomes and gaze calmly out the windows. With the world becoming more and more hectic, it’s important to feel like you have somewhere that can serve as a sanctuary.

Once we were seduced by the oak bookcase (a visually softer alternative to stark white), we wanted to see more of the genius that Studio Four put together. What we found was a stunning original Victorian home converted into a modern dwelling for family life in the 21st century. Opening up the space, originally compartmentalized in smaller rooms, and building different levels to add subtle separations to each functional nook, the Studio Four team brought a communal aspect to family living. A great concept when sharing a space: separate yet together.

Another stunning feature for those of us living a busy urban life is the fact that the divisions between indoor and outdoor life are minimal. Subtle sliding doors connecting the kitchen and the patio make the space feel infinite and light. Not to mention, the décor itself is simple, comfortable and calming (those gray tones really sooth the mind). The black floor lamp and neo-midcentury dining chairs add the perfect amount of edge to keep the home’s design from being too simple.

The Albert Street residence is a welcomed source of inspiration for those of us who are looking to find out how to decorate to achieve a livable yet peaceful space. There’s no denying that in spite of its minimal style, this home feels like a perfectly cozy place to unwind after a long day.

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