For this family of four, including two young children ages six and eight, their daily life in New York City meant that their weekend home should be somewhere where they can really sprawl out. She wanted a place that felt like a retreat and he wanted somewhere that had references to its country farm location just like where he grew up. Luckily enough for the couple, they were able to create their dream vacation home from scratch in a town called Amenia in New York, just an hour and a half outside the City. They hired the Brooklyn-based interior design company Chango & Co to complete the project.

“Our project inspiration always begins with the client. In this case, upon meeting the couple, I immediately knew they were beautiful people who deserved a beautiful home,” Susana Simonpietri, Creative Director of Chango & Co, said. “The design was to rise to the qualities I saw in them, which were kindness, an open heart and mind, and beauty which radiated from within.” For that goal in mind, Susana and her team chose an aesthetic that was both modern and rustic, as well as offering the family comfort. With a soft neutral palette of beiges and grays, they were able to provide that calming retreat feel that she wanted, while also satisfying the husband’s hope to bring a country feel to the home with natural elements such as the reclaimed beams and stone fireplace. The children’s rooms, however, offer a jolt of color in a fun yet stylish way.

See our slideshow to take a tour of the home!