This wasn’t the first time that interior designer Jasmine Lam had worked with her clients. She had been their point-person for several hospitality design projects in Hong Kong. This time though, they were looking for an apartment overlooking Central Park in New York, with hotel-like amenities and a sophisticated interior. “They were thinking of buying an apartment in New York and I initiated the shopping process with them,” Jasmine told us.

“They sought the serenity of the park in their home as opposed to the urban skyline views and the electric energy of the city,” the designer continued. “I also knew that this family spent a lot of time in Paris and Italy and were drawn to French and Italian contemporary design.” After finding the right property, Jasmine and her team got to work on sourcing high-end finishes and furniture from around the world. “I have been traveling internationally for business and have had the opportunity to visit many factories and artisans’ workshops,” she said. “We are lucky to source many products globally.”

The apartment is quite expansive, counting just over 4,800 square feet with a great room that measures 1,400 square-feet. This particular space in the home was a challenge to design since there were various ways to design it: “We wanted the view of Central Park to be the focal point but also wanted to add interior design details that would enhance the experience of sitting in this room without taking away from the views. We started developing the design by building 3D models on the computer.” One of the key ingredients to the success of the great room was the trio of chandeliers by Gabriel Scott that framed the views while providing a delicate glow throughout the room.

Besides lighting, another impactful feature within the apartment’s overall design was the use of specific and elegant materials. “Our marble slabs, for example, were sourced in the Carrara, Italy region at Savema,” Jasmine explained. “They are one of the top suppliers in the world and their inventory includes slabs from Italy and around the world.” She also inserted architectural joinery made of a dark, raked oak throughout the apartment, which was used to mark distinctive functions. A third example is the handmade leather tile from Studio Art in the powder room. The waterproof leather creates an accent feature wall while also disguising an access panel door to the building’s plumbing chase.

With so many bespoke and made-to-order pieces for this impressive sky-high apartment overlooking Central Park, the process from start to finish took three years. “The homeowners were very happy with the project,” Jasmine smiled. “Sometimes, it is the non-verbal things that tell you that your client is happy. They photographed many details of the home and sent pictures to friends and relatives.”