We’ve seen spectacular guest houses, office sheds, and even separate entertaining spaces, but this new-build clubhouse in Napa Valley is something else. With 6,400 square-feet, its expansive living areas offer everything that you could want in an entertaining space. Built for an animal-loving family – they have multiple pets including chinchillas as well as raise quail – they were looking for a separate space to go with their updated 1960s farmhouse to host friends and their extended family.

They hired interior design Erin King to take on this project and turn it into their dream clubhouse – pretty much everyone’s dream clubhouse. “It has large-scaled black steel window and door frames that offer a 360-degree view of the oak trees, citrus grove, and green landscape,” Erin explained. “It differs from the rest of the neighborhood as most of the surrounding homes are traditional.” The new structure would be reminiscent of the original farmhouse that the family lived in that had been recently renovated with contemporary finishes.

In this case, besides the functionality, the owners wanted the clubhouse to feature a color palette of orange, blues, and yellow. “We tried to ‘section off’ these colors to different areas of the clubhouse while trying to harmonize them throughout the space,” the designer said. “The fabrics and materials all needed to be family and dog friendly as the spaces are mainly used for family and social gatherings.” In the gathering room complete with a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, for example, the “orange” tone was given to the European full grain aniline-dyed cowhides for the large leather sectional and the plaid printed ottomans. Above the fireplace, you can see original beams that were bleached by the painter for over a year to get just right. Behind the gathering area is a long dining table that seats 30 from Nickey Kehoe. Its lighter wood tone compliments the melange of shades from the flooring made from reclaimed tobacco barns by Black’s Farmwood.

This great room and the others include amenities for the whole family to enjoy including a pool table, vintage shuffleboard table, foosball, piano, catering and commercial kitchens, as well as two large flat-screen TVs that have articulating arms for viewing throughout the space.

When it came to the finishes and materials, each were selected with care. “We wanted to use vendors and materials that would last the test of time,” Erin shared. “All items selected were tested and seen in person.” In the end, the focus on detail paid off: “The clubhouse took two years from start to finish. The homeowners were thrilled with the results and were very excited to share it with family. The first Christmas spent after the renovation was a very special one, especially being able to have the whole family together in one space!”