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Previously published on April 11, 2019:

Wanting to start a new chapter in their lives, a recently retired couple made the decision to move from Los Angeles to Calistoga in California’s Napa Valley. They purchased the land and had already begun to work with Wade Design Architects when they hired Geremia Design to bring the structure to life with their vision for materials and furnishings. “This is a ‘forever home’ so we selected both materials and a color palette with enduring appeal,” Lauren Geremia, Principal of her namesake design studio, said. “The home was designed functionally and aesthetically to allow the outdoors and the views and the fresh air to really flow through spaces without much transition from day to night, inside to out, room to room.”

The home is enormous, boasting a main house of 4064 sq. ft., a 3-bedroom guest cottage, pool house, and a car barn. Despite its square footage, Lauren and her team masterfully gave the home a warm feel mixing different earthy elements. “The organic and wood elements are casual, tactile and intimate and serve to underscore a sense of place,” she explained. They added in decorative beams, for example, as a nod to its wine country location, as well as stone sourced from Exquisite Surfaces for the floors.

For the materials, decor, and furniture, the team at Geremia sourced contemporary pieces from various cutting edge design brands. The minimal pendant lights over the kitchen island, for example, are from Los Angeles lighting company Brendan Ravenhill Design Studio. The oak and leather bar stools by Graye, are another example of local design talent.

Such a detailed project, however, takes time. “The project took three years,” Lauren said. “The owners were very involved and committed throughout the process so they were checking in frequently during construction and available for onsite reviews when necessary. They were delighted by the end result and happy with the team they put together.”