When the last of their four children moved out, these empty-nesters were looking to create their dream home. A place that required the perfect balance: modern but historically appropriate, welcoming but streamlined. What they were looking for was clear, but to find it they needed to build it from the ground-up, which is when they decided to work with the architectural firm Harrison Design that worked on the whole project with them, from the exterior to the interior.

Located in Atlanta, the homeowners agreed with Harisson Design’s decision to select brick for the exterior of the home, for its timelessness and and historic relevance in the area. It gave the home a feeling of having evolved over time, which was important with a new build. For the interior, a mixture of marble, un-stained walnut flooring and wide open living spaces gave it the uncluttered look that they were going for.

But this 5,500 square foot home, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, also needed details that would make the large space feel welcoming. Harrison Design worked with Morgan Creek on the transitional white cabinets for the kitchen, which were meticulously fitted with the shiplap on the walls giving the kitchen area a much-needed dose of warmth.

The bathrooms, though, are where the Harrison Design team made a statement. The enclosed marble tub with matching tile create a sense of grandeur that the homeowners were searching for with this home that represented a new chapter in their lives. The master bathroom’s vanity also featured a bold choice: a chrome frame and hanging mirrors over the windows that allow for functionality and enjoyment of the views.

It took just over a year for this project to be completed but in the end, it turned out to be the perfect adult retreat that the homeowners were looking for.