When you are talking about redoing a home from scratch, you already have so many possibilities to choose from, but when you add in the factor of a larger budget, that’s when design fantasies can happen. Take this home in West Hollywood as an example: recently purchased by a Bollywood star, he hired designer Claudia Afshar to not only transform its interior and decorate it but add in luxurious details such as a comprehensive electronic operating system for the lighting, sound-system and drapery as well as create a salt water pool, wine cellar and gym.

In its initial state, the home was in good shape but lacked any kind of design point of view. So, Claudia decided to give it a unique look that blended Californian and European aesthetics with a few hints of Bollywood mixed in. She layered a wall in the dining room with floor-to-ceiling antique mirror, slip covered dining chairs and an ash-toned table to give it that Parisian feel the homeowner was looking for.

Outside, the space was kept clean but was designed in a way that merged the house’s location and its owner’s roots. The double doors of the sunroom open out to the patio in such a way that they create a cabana feel. Claudia chose custom floor pillows to give it a hint of Indian flavor. It serves as a great spot for the homeowner to enjoy a sunny Californian breakfast in the morning without being completely outdoors.

For jet setters, having such a cohesive and fuss-free home means enjoying every bit of it for quiet private moments or with friends. We definitely wouldn’t mind sitting around that salt-water pool with a cocktail in hand!