For Barette Widell and Christina Boschetti, founders of Philadelphia interior design firm Widell + Boschetti, design is all about respecting the old while welcoming the new. Such is the case with one of their recent projects, located in one of Philadelphia’s historic suburbs, the Main Line. “Most of these homes are meticulously maintained on the outside, but have had their interiors transformed to some post-modernish sort of mish mosh,” the designers explain. “There is a huge veritable epidemic among these large homes of the traditional old money bastion- think grand old world made new.”

This home in particular had been gutted and renovated once before, but the results were less than desirable. “Think traditional French Country meets glitz and sparkle meets contemporary,” the pair laughs. “Possibly, too many designers had their hands in the pot so to speak. The biggest challenge was there was no cohesiveness throughout the house. There was missing that thread that creates the instant sense of flow, calm and comfort.”

The clients, a young family who had recently left the city for more space, gave Widell + Boschetti their full trust. When the designers first arrived, the foyer was clearly going to be the “wow” moment.  “When we ascended the brocade and traditional curated foyer space, we understood right there why alchemy was knocking on our door (pun intended). That said, the foyer was the highest priority for the clients and all for obvious reasons. The foyer gives the guests their first impression of the home and immediately reflects the owner’s style. It’s where you begin and end your day.” The clients wanted the space to be efficient, yet beautiful and inspiring at the same time, which would set the tone for the rest of the project.

Barette and Christina are taking us on a tour of the entire space today, sharing sentiments about additional design details in every room. Start the slideshow for a closer look, and visit their Instagram for more of Widell + Boschetti’s fabulous portfolio.