Eileen Mockus has a seemingly endless knowledge of the textile business. She’s worked at numerous top-tier companies, focusing on fabric development, materials testing, product development, and sourcing. This experience lead her to Coyuchi, where she’s the President and CEO. Coyuchi, as explained by Eileen, “provides organic cotton and natural fiber home textiles that are thoughtfully designed and crafted, and safely produced for the workers and our homes. Coyuchi products are inspired by nature, are easy to care for and made to last.” We will say, she left out the fact that the line is absolutely stunning, and as a result has found its way into the homes of many of our design-obsessed friends and colleagues.

Today, Eileen welcomes us into her home – which is naturally brimming with quality Coyuchi wares. In the process, she shares a bit about what the company means to her:

Coyuchi is such an interesting company. Why did you know joining the team was the right fit for you?
I knew Coyuchi was the right place for me because of the company’s history in well made home textiles using organic cotton. My career started in performance fabrics and then home textiles, so the product at Coyuchi is the best of both worlds with a performance component to home textiles, and the commitment to how it’s made. As a business, Coyuchi is a great fit because it is an up and coming brand and my best work experiences have been with new brands and new product lines.

What are your Coyuchi favorites?
I have a few favorite Coyuchi products: 300 percale sheets, Relaxed Linen sheeting and duvet, Mediterranean Towels, the Cozy Cotton blanket and the Sateen/Terry robe.

Fabulous! No surprise here, but we love your home! Tell us a bit about it.
Our home is located in Emerald Hills, CA which is a small community in the hills above Redwood City. We love all the trees, especially the old oaks, and the access to open space, along with a great community of families. We bought the house knowing it needed a major remodel but knew the ranch style could be modernized into a family home with indoor/outdoor spaces. It was originally built in 1950 and we did a two-stage remodel in 2008 and 2012, first to upgrade all of the living spaces and then add a master suite with a garage below. It is 3500 square feet.

How did you begin the initial remodel and design process?
The design process started with living in the old house and getting a feel for how we’d like to live in the space. Next, we visited many open houses, combed through books on ranch house remodels, and pulled tear sheets of windows, tile, lighting, colors and details. An open floor plan was important to us because it allows for great family spaces and is perfect for large gatherings. We worked with my sister in law who is an architect at DJR in Minneapolis for the design. She knew how we lived and that helped the design come together so we use the entire space. DJR is also responsible for the great sight lines out the windows, the vaulted ceilings and the overall look and feel of the home. On the interior, we were fortunate to find reclaimed Douglas Fir floors under the old carpet. Those floors inspired us to re-purpose old beams from the house into wood trim, the fireplace mantle, arbors outside and then use new Douglas Fir doors and windows. With a large open space, the wood unifies the room and .

Do you have a favorite room in the home?
My favorite room is the kitchen/dining area. It’s the space where we gather the most and with the vaulted ceilings and casual dining table, it’s not only a place to be a family, it feels warm, light and spacious too.

Perfection. Finally, we know you’re often busy at work, but tell us about your ultimate “moment” at home.
My favorite time at home is early morning when the sun is rising in the kitchen window, the house is quiet and I can have coffee and catch up on some reading undisturbed. I’m a stickler for having everything put away so I protect that serene moment in the morning. That restorative time is a great springboard to enjoying busy family life. Enjoying weekends where I can put away the cares of work and relax and enjoy time with my family.

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