Colette “Coco” Shelton has been inspiring us daily with her eye for optimistic and clean design for more than 12 years now with her blog COCOCOZY. She has been named as Forbes’ Top 30 Influencers of 2017 and has a celebrity following including Katy Perry. After juggling her corporate career and her growing blog, she decided to invest in her passion, and purchased a property in her home town of Los Angeles to renovate, decorate and sell. Called the “COCOCOZY Design House”, this charming Spanish Colonial home located in View Park, has had an astonishing transformation. We caught up with Colette to ask her about her journey completing the project.

What inspired you to take on this Design House project? 

I was working in the entertainment field as a corporate executive in Los Angeles, and had my design blog, COCOCOZY, as a side project. After over 12 years of working as an executive and design blogging on the side, I left the corporate world at the end of last year.

This home called the “COCOCOZY Design House”, and its renovation marks my foray into my full-time role as an entrepreneur. I initially purchased the home to flip, and assembled a diverse team of professionals to assist me on this project. Tiara Parker-Ragland, founder of Almost Anything Inc., was our project manager, and Los Angeles-based developer Steve Jones of bettershelter acted as my mentor on the remodel.

Tell us about View Park, the neighborhood that it’s located in? What made you decide to search there for a property?

Since the 1960s, View Park has predominantly been an African-American community, with some of the most notable and successful African-American citizens residing in the area. It’s been dubbed as the “Black Beverly Hills”. I wanted to bring attention to this wonderful enclave. The neighborhood is filled with amazing architecture and historic homes built in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Fun neighborhood fact – Meghan Markle’s mother’s home is just two blocks away from the COCOCOZY Design House!

How big is this home?

The home is 4 bedroom, 4 bathroom, and nearly 2400 sq. ft.

As we can see from the “before” photos (at the end of the slideshow) this Spanish Colonial home was in quite a state! How did you know that it had potential?

From the moment I set foot into this home, I knew it had the potential to be something great. The home was built in 1930, and I adored its original details and charm. I wanted to preserve the beautiful details, rather than tear it down and start new with an open floor plan that you see in many homes today. For me, timelessness is not about incorporating the latest design trend, but rather the ability to take a piece of history and modernize it for today’s living.

Have you had experience renovating before? Were there any surprises or lessons learned during this particular renovation?

The biggest lesson I learned from the Design House is to always trust your instincts. I had a lot of decisions to make when designing this home, and wanted to push myself creatively. I was initially afraid of going too bold with the design, but my mentor Steve Jones encouraged me to take chances and personalize the home as much as possible.

A big surprise we had was our first contractor. We initially hired a new contractor whom we all believed in, and we found out about half way through the process he was hiding things and covering things up which led to us having to redo a lot of the home and start over about 6 months into the project. Because of this mishap, the project took nearly double the time to complete, but we managed to work through our issues with a new contractor who we love.

Click through the slideshow to find out more about Colette’s project! The home is on the market can be purchased here with Samantha Nugent of Compass.