Initially, this Orange County home was supposed to be a remodel. However, after meeting with the team at Brandon Architects and interior designer Mindy Gayer, the family of six realized their wish list was more in line with a new construction. Read on to find out how they made it happen.

RUE: Where is this home located? What can you tell us about the neighborhood, and did that influence any of your planning or aesthetic decisions?
BRANDON ARCHITECTS: This home is located in Dover Shores, Newport Beach, CA. Dover Shores is a family-oriented neighborhood with lots of curvilinear, pedestrian streets and kids at play. The home was designed to fit within this context and support the constant flow of kids from front yard to rear while still maintaining space for the adults to entertain and also find retreat. 

RUE: Tell us about the clients? What were their requests or must-haves for the home?
BRANDON ARCHITECTS: The client’s initial intent was to remodel the existing single-story home. After accommodating the needs and wants of a family with 4 young kids, remodeling the home became infeasible. As a new build, we took careful measure to preserve the single story aspects of the original home that the clients loved so much.

RUE: Mindy, at what point did you join the project?
MINDY GAYER: The design and build process took a little over two years, and we were lucky enough to be involved from the moment they purchased the property. We collaborated with the client and the architect to design this modern family home, and our role was selecting all of the interior finishes, fixtures, materials, and furniture. We had so much fun dreaming up all of the design details, from architectural detailing, to custom millwork, furniture space planning, custom cabinetry, flooring, tile, and lighting selections.

RUE: For the construction, what makes this home unique?
This Transitional home embodies qualities often found on bigger properties (such as estates on acres of land) due to the large single story footprint and lot width. More commonly, we see two-story development that maximizes building footprints and tend to read “boxy” or overdeveloped. This home fits within its neighborhood context and demonstrates a simple restraint that emphasizes the importance of the yard space. 

RUE: What about the interiors?
MINDY GAYER: They are a family with 4 young children, so practical, comfortable, and durable furniture was the most important thing to them. They also love patterns and fun pops of color, so they really wanted us to incorporate that into each of the kids’ 4 bedrooms. I love that each space in the home has a unique point of view. There are lots of little details throughout the home, and every room is one you just want to hang out in. It’s a very comfortable, laid back home that just begs you to spend time there.

RUE: Finally, were there any risks you feel especially paid off?
The transition from extensive remodel to new construction certainly presented risks for the project budget and timeline, but the new home carries qualities of the original home that, otherwise, would have been lost.