Throwing winemaker dinners and other public events, as well as private events, the recently opened Cerf Club in San Francisco feels like a mix of a thoughtfully-designed restaurant and the home of that friend who is the best host you know. As it should, given the collection of industry veterans that came together to bring Cerf Club to life. We talked to Matthew Homyak, Stag Dining co-founder and president, and part of the team behind  Cerf Club to learn more.

What is Cerf Club and what makes it unique?
Cerf Club is an event venue for social and corporate gatherings, and it serves as home base for our businesses, which include our catering company Stag Dining, our wine label Cerf Club wine, and our beverage catering company Derby Cocktail Co. The name Cerf Club (‘Cerf’ is French for deer) is related to the theme of Stag Dining, which began in 2010 as a clandestine supper club and has since evolved into a full-service events company known for producing innovative and immersive culinary experiences. Our 1,650-square-foot venue can be rented outright or serve as a collaborative space in which we partner with clients to create exciting expressions of food and beverage for up to 100 guests.

We’re also activating the space as a weekly pop up wine bar. Every Friday we’ll open the doors to the public and sell and serve our wine by the glass or bottle, as well as selections from our friends Merchants of Thirst, who import and distribute wine from family-owned producers whose wines translate their terroir. Stag chefs Jordan Grosser and Ted Fleury will present a menu of small plates and snacks that pair well with the evening’s featured wines.

What was the inspiration for the design of the space?
Stag Dining was founded on a deep respect and appreciation for nature and we wanted Cerf Club to embody that philosophy, so we invited our friend Victor Reyes, a talented painter and muralist to take inspiration from that theme, and he decided to interpret and depict the four seasons on Cerf Club’s walls. Reyes’ abstract brush strokes in soft pastel colors creates a warm, contemporary, and welcoming ambiance: a clean canvas upon which people can paint their dream event scenes, and a space where we can foster creative collaboration between our fellow chefs, winemakers, artisans, and artists.

Take a tour of Cerf Club in the slideshow!