A note from our editors: Thank you so much for all your support of Rue in 2018.  Before we launch into new content for the new year, we wanted to share the posts of 2018 according to you, our readers! So we’re republishing our most popular posts, including this one. We hope you enjoy it!

Earlier in March we shared a modern farmhouse home from Homepolish designer, Haley Weidenbaum, and today we have another home by Haley, this one for a repeat client. Meghan and Pete had just bought their first home together and hired Haley to amplify the home’s coastal charm. Haley says, “They both are the most cheerful, welcoming, and happiest clients so I wanted their house to reflect this “joie de vivre” attitude.” The house had a great layout, a large outdoor space, and, Haley says “a hint of Cape Cod meets Southern Cali beach house.”

Since the couple had worked with Haley before, they were happy to let her drive the design. She says, “The layout is prime for entertaining, which was important to my clients so they requested that the furniture be inviting and comfortable. They also wanted it to feel young and fresh (just like them) so I used different wood textures and a mix of textiles and patterns to bring the space to life.”

Best of all, Haley says, “Meghan and Pete went on vacation while we were doing the “final install” so it worked out perfectly and became our own little HGTV reveal. We were able to finish the major aspects of the design during this time and even do all the little finishing touches like, setting the table with their new plates/linens and filling their home with interior plants. In addition, while they were on this vacation they got engaged so as a surprise put a “congratulations” sign up above their sofa and left them a bottle of champagne!”

See the home in the slideshow!