When Genevieve Carter, of Carter Design, first saw this property in LA’s Beachwood Canyon, her clients hadn’t yet purchased it. Touring the home beforehand, Genevieve says, “helped envision what could be done to make it suitable for my clients.” While it had great bones, it was a bit worn out and some spaces needed more flow and efficiency. The clients decided to buy it as a respite from the city. Taking advantage of that quintessential California lifestyle — indoor/outdoor! — would be key.

Originally, the home had jarring color choices. “I found it distracting to the beauty of the setting,” Genevieve says. “I chose the color white for the exterior to highlight the wonderful landscaping. Using the same materials and color choices inside and out also promoted an integrated indoor and outdoor life.” To access the home from the street, they worked with the landscaper to create a path in the hillside to walk up through a native plant garden.

Inside, the walls were painted white to match the exterior while highlighting the clients’ personal collections. (A large built-in bookcase helps here as well.) The eye is always drawn to the sweeping California views, which was top of mind throughout the project. “We chose simple natural fabrics for the interior window treatments to not detract from the views. Skylights were added to the interior as well as an exterior hallway that helped bring even more light to this hilltop dwelling.”  Additionally, the floors were stripped and sealed in in their natural color to promote the feeling of raw nature.

The backyard is accessed by a three panel glass sliding door, also clad in douglas fir. Here, you’ll find one of Genevieve’s favorite elements at the home: an ornate sliding antique iron gate and copper screen which was fabricated by Jason Saunders. “We did not want to have to bring a screen into the house and distract from the purity of the douglas fir surround of the new doors.” she explains. “We had paired down so many things that it was fun to add an ornate element, and it can be seen from a long hallway inside the house.”

When the project wrapped, Genevieve joined the clients for a sushi dinner at the outdoor kitchen. “The house is pushed into a canyon which creates a natural theater of nature,” she says. “We watched the sun set over the hill as the deer poked their heads over the crest of the hill and the hawks swirled.” An escape from city life, indeed!