Jenna Gottlieb stays busy. She’s the Editorial Content Manager at Shopbop and the co-founder of recently launched Haystack Stories. Oh, and just got married last year and immediately moved with her husband, Bradley Feingerts, into a townhouse in Brooklyn two months later.

While Jenna has a strong sense of style, she says, “I don’t necessarily trust myself or my interior design sensibility and so it’s so helpful anytime you can visualize something before it’s actualized and really moves the decision-making process along.” That’s why the newlyweds turned to Hutch to help design their new home.

Jenna describes her design style as “minimalist, eclectic with an I wish we were surfers twist.” The townhouse has beautiful architectural detailing, which Jenna smartly contemporized with clean-lined furnishings. She says, “I really like a mix of old and new. I don’t like anything that is overly styled, or too millennial, or of the moment, so it was important to me to have eclectic, one-of-a-kind pieces. For example, my old, well-worn leather chair was passed down from my stepdad when he lived in New York in a loft on Bond Street. One of my best friends and former roommate has the other one.”

The biggest challenge Jenna faced was the living room. “It is sort of an odd space, so making it comfortable and inviting and well-proportioned was challenging, and the awkward nook was a puzzle to figure out, but it ended up being one of the coziest spots in the apartment.” An adjustable bookcase and a solo armchair plus ottoman make it the perfect little library – that also doubles as a dj station thanks to the record player.

See Jenna and Bradley’s home in the slideshow!