Barcelona is truly the city of arts and architecture. Modernist Anton Gaudi defined the urban landscape. Though there are many wonderful places to stay when visiting one of our favorite cities in the world, Hotel Omm in the Exiample neighborhood tops the list. The architecturally stunning façade of soft limestone whimsically flipping up has been likened to turned-up pages of a book. This striking feature by architect Juli Cappella is the hotel’s signature exterior design element, where form meets function. The facade allows light to stream into the rooms while providing privacy to the guests. 

The alluring interior, created by renowned designers Isabel López and Sandra Tarruella, is elegant and modern. The balance of natural materials alongside pops of color scream contemporary luxury. The open-lobby floor plan encourages guests to flow from the lounge to the bar and restaurant. Just aside, the acclaimed restaurant Moo has that sought-after award of a Michelin star. The modernistic feel continues through the dark rubber-lined hallways bordered with lighting, reminding us of a runway. Isabel and Sandra stick with natural materials such as coconut, wood, stone, iron, and even yarn and silk to create a hypnotizing ambiance in the spa, Spaciomm. But the pièce de résistance is the rooftop terrace! The views of Casa Milá (commonly known as La Pedrera) – which the Hotel Omm sits directly behind – are so close you feel you could shout out at tourists or tempt them with your Gin and Tonic or Sangria in hand. You can even see La Sagrada Familia in the distance. It is a perfect spot to enjoy a dip in the pool or an evening cocktail and watch Barcelona transform as it lights up at night.

It is not surprising that such a special and well-balanced hotel has an extraordinary proprietor. The celebrated Rosa Maria Esteva, a passionate entrepreneur (with 18 restaurants in Madrid and Barcelona that she owns with her son), was beckoned to open a hotel in 2003 that would match the aesthetics and personality of their restaurants and this magnificent city.  Rosa Maria Esteva is known for her creative mind, feisty manor and perfectionism and with that she attracts the best of the best in staff.  As a native of Barcelona, it was important to her to create a hotel that is not just for tourists but also for the locals. If the number of people dancing in the bar at 3AM on any given Saturday is any indication, she has more then succeeded.