Designer Ola Jachymiak’s London home is in the heart of Notting Hill, close to cool, artsy spots and surrounded by Victorian buildings. For the design, Ola had one goal: “To keep the best of both worlds and make this design contemporary but coherent with traits of traditional architecture of the area.”

For the palette, Ola kept things neutral in color and brought in warm oak and plenty of vintage charm. “I believe that it reflects very well my pragmatic approach to design and represents my own sense of aesthetics with lots of bespoke furnishing solutions and a mix of contemporary and mid-modern century style,” she says. “I was determined to make this space very functional with a separate bedroom, office (a must after Covid time!) and living area but also as luminous as possible while keeping elements of original architecture.”

The home had to undergo an in-depth renovation to get it to this state, restoring the floors and walls and bringing the amenities up to modern standards. “I decided to slightly change the layout in order to let in some more natural light,” Ola explains. “Once this was achieved, the contractors took care of the details such as parquets, bespoke furniture and tiles. Meanwhile I kept browsing online resellers, London’s antique shops and flea markets to hunt down some vintage pieces.”

The designer shares more about the space in the slideshow, but first leaves us with a bit of wisdom for small-space living: “Make it functional! As Le Corbusier once said, ‘the house is a machine for living in.’ I strongly believe that even a small space has to be well adapted to its owner’s needs. Whether it’s about the storage space or about the coziness, there are many solutions to make the most out of a limited surface. Smart planning and bespoke furnishing systems are one of the best ways to achieve that.”