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Previously published on July 25, 2019:

Jewelry designer Miranda Frye’s discerning style goes beyond the pieces she creates for her celebrity fans like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Shay Mitchell and more. Case in point: the modern California home she shares with her husband and two sons. Miranda took on the role of interior designer, while her husband handled the renovations. She wanted to create a space that felt masculine yet polished and delicate, with touches of femininity throughout. The high-contrast home embodies her personal style perfectly — a limited color palette, modern lines, layered textures, and plenty of mixed metals. Miranda tells us more:

Hi Miranda! We’d love to know more about your home. How long have you lived here, and how long was the design process like? 
After searching for quite a few months, we found our home in 2005. I fell in love with the angular lines and the abundant large windows that let in bright light and serene views. The inside however was dated and badly in need of a remodel. With the location and lines of the home being exactly what I wanted, we proceeded forward with my vision of remodeling which turned into a complete gutting of most of the house. Being on a tight budget and undertaking a complete remodel gets expensive fast, so with my designs and vision, my handy husband remodeled most of it himself. I got pregnant with my first son, Jackson, in the process of the remodel-which I do not recommend! We lived with cement floors for over a year. It was a ton of work but so worth it! I have redecorated about 3 times since 2005, and would look forward to designing and decorating a new home again one day.

How does designing a home compare to designing jewelry?
For me, my best designs begin with a vision. Often I can see an overview of the finished product in my mind long before a prototype is made. My best designs have always started this way. That said, I usually always make revisions as I move through the process. I am so visual, I really don’t know exactly what I am after until it starts unfolding before my eyes. I would also say that the use of texture is huge for me. As I don’t rely on color for my jewelry or for my interiors, I lean heavily on the use of texture, pattern and love to incorporate both to create a visually interesting aesthetic. 

Tell me a bit about some of your favorite details in the design.
For me, it is important to have every room in the home flow with the entire space, so I was intentional in creating a cohesive feel while also giving each room its own personality. I find accessorizing to be my favorite part of the design process and the way I can give each room its own vibe. Lighting is the ultimate accessory and I really put a lot of thought into each chandelier, making sure it is the perfect fishing touch, much like jewelry. 

I was obsessed with white marble in the early 2000s so I used it in my kitchen and bathrooms. I still love it and am so happy with my choice. I love the use of art, texture and contrast in all the rooms and find that it brings me the most happiness. Living with 3 boys has created in me a love for the live-in, distressed look. Nothing in my home is off limits and I love for everything to be used. This was a great freedom when I truly embraced this way of design and I have never looked back.

What was a design risk you took that ended up looking amazing?
I would have to say my use of ebony floors and my gallery wall. The ebony floors are not practical for anyone who wants perfectly spotless floors! But I have always loved the contrast of the black against the white and the overall contrast it gives to every room. The gallery wall happened by accident when I was trying to blend my flat screen in with the rest of the room. The art is varied and eclectic but I love the way it turned out and how the television isn’t the focal point of the room, but is still functional when in use.

Finally, what do you love most about your home?
The thing I love most are the large angular windows and the bright light they allow into our home. It’s what drew me to this home when we bought it. I also love the straight lines of this house’s architecture and our sunset view.Last but definitely not least we love our neighbors and the community we live in!