When Anne Sage moved to Los Angeles in 2012, she knew she was taking an exciting new step into the unknown. The blogger (and co-founder of Rue!) began new creative projects that ultimately resulted in a book about the process of creating a home that reflects the life of its inhabitants. What Anne didn’t realize was that her new home was going to take her back to some familiar ground.

Hi, Anne! It’s great to have you back for a day. Several years ago you moved to LA and in the past year or so, you’ve been redesigning the home that you now share with your boyfriend, but you and this house actually have some history.
“The fun story about this home is that it was a part of the Rue story years and years ago. It’s the home of my now-boyfriend, who was a friend of Cassie’s, and she, Crystal and I would stay at this house back when we would go to LA to design the magazine layouts with Bri. So we called this house Camp Rue.”

Amazing how full circle that is! What was the biggest challenge for designing the space?
“The biggest challenge was transitioning the place from a bachelor pad. I wanted it to reflect both of us and have had people tell us it does feel that way, which is great feedback. My style is definitely more minimalist. If I had my way, there would be no clutter, whatsoever. He likes a more full look. Another thing is that he likes color. I hate color. You’ll see that I’ve more won that battle. There isn’t a lot of a color in the space. What I do in absence of color is bring in lots of texture. I think that satisfies his desire for visual interest.”

In addition to just finishing this redesign, you also have been working on your book, Sage Living, which comes out on September 15 (and is available for pre-order now!) How do these two projects complement each other?
“The book grew out of my experience moving from San Francisco to LA and living by myself for the first time ever. I didn’t bring much, just a couple suitcases in my car. It was very transformative in that I wasn’t even sure I could do it when I started out. I proved to myself I could, but it was scary!

What the book was born from was this idea that I had a blank slate, and so it felt like every decision held this huge weight, in that it was a statement of how I wanted my life to look moving forward. I don’t think we get that many times in our life, if ever, to decide exactly how we want our life to look. The book is about the fact that what you do to your home is representative of the choices you make in your life. So to flip that around, what are the values I want to embody in my life and how I can I bring them into my house and make the foundation for the life that I want to live? People are living this way already, using their home to embody their values, so if we become really intentional about it we can make it even more powerful.”

See Anne’s full home tour and read about how she has intentionally crafted her space by clicking through the slideshow!