Designer Denise Davies of D2 Interieurs knows the power of word of mouth. “The client was given my name by one of my favorite Westport clients,” Denise says. “She loved what I did for the Westport house and hired me immediately. She had just purchased the home and it was dark and dated.” Though the Wilton, CT house had great bones, it needed some modern updates and to accommodate a home office and four kids of varying ages. Denise was the perfect designer for the job.

Denise began the design process as she does with all of her clients, but it quickly picked up speed. “After the initial design presentation, which only included a few rooms, I picked everything out and purchased it without even asking her! From our initial meeting we became friends instantly and I just know her style and what she wanted,” the designer shares. Denise wanted the home to have a hip, modern vibe. “Each room needed to stand on its own and be extraordinary,” she explains. “Since I did not have a lot of restrictions from the client, I was really able to push the design past a normal comfort level. However, knowing the homeowner so well, I made each room livable and comfortable.”

The project ended up taking longer than most, about 8 months Denise says. “As we finished the rooms, the client was so happy she wanted to keep going! Now we are doing both of her kids rooms and the backyard.”  

Denise takes us on a “virtual tour” in the slideshow, sharing a bit about each room.