“Our clients built this house shortly after finishing dental school and starting their own dental practice,” designer Jaime Thompson of PoppyLoft Interior Design says. “It was a home with good bones and lots of space but after 15+ years, they were in need of updates.” With 5 children (two of which still live at home), one daughter-in-law, one soon to be son-in-law, and one very sweet golden retriever, the family hoped to create a comfortable, updated, light and bright space that was highly functional while complementing the existing classic architecture of the home.

Jaime used natural materials and finishes such as wood, stone and metal accents along with clean lines and architectural focal points. “A neutral, yet textured backdrop laid an ideal foundation for the addition of furnishings, fixtures, and accessories- both new and old- and intentional pops of color and contrast,” she explains. In each space, thoughtful layout decisions totally transformed the space. (The designer shares details on those changes in the slideshow!)

For furnishings, Jaime knew the importance of adding texture and life through vintage rugs, art, and other natural elements – ultimately keeping the space from falling flat. “We decided in the furnishings and styling phase that it would be a fun challenge to source art from thrift stores,” the designer recalls, sharing a bit about some of the unique art they found. “The two watercolor images in the bookshelves actually started as one. We took a large watercolor, cut it in half, and reframed with wide mattes. Above the carved cabinet, a large watercolor was taken out of its original frame exposing the raw edges that had once wrapped a frame. We used a metal paper hanger style frame to keep the unique edges exposed. In the kitchen, a portrait circa 1950s got a new matte but kept the original frame (which had the perfect patina) and antique glass. The take away from this experience and a message worth repeating is that you can create beautiful, collected spaces even with and especially when you take on the challenge to infuse soul and patina by way of thrift stores and other second hand marketplaces.”

The project took about 9 months in total, and the family couldn’t be happier with the result. “Our clients say they feel like they’re living in a magazine,” Jaime smiles. “This project far exceeded what they ever imagined it would become when we first started. Not only is everything so beautiful to look at, but this remodel really has improved the way they are living in and using their space which is really what it’s all about. Their space has also been dubbed ‘the talking house’ by their teenage daughters friends because they love to just hang out and actually talk and be together. When I get the random text saying ‘pinch me, I feel like this is a dream’ and ‘thank you for creating what I didn’t know I wanted or needed’ or ‘this is exactly what I wanted but could’ve never done it without your vision’ that’s when I know I’m where I should be- that’s what makes this work so rewarding.”