It’s not often that we’re able to tour the personal home of a designer, a place where they are able to design a space without inhibitions. They are their own clients. That’s why we were immediately taken by budding Austin interior designer, Christine Turknett‘s home that she shares with her husband and newborn son. When they purchased the home it was being built from the ground up but got in soon enough to be able to choose the overall design and finishes. “For me, being able to pick everything from the beginning was a designer’s dream come true,” Christine shared.

What she had zero hesitations on was that she wanted the flooring and cabinetry to be light to open up the space and bring in brightness. “Our wide plank matte hickory pecan flooring throughout was a splurge, but we thought it was so unique and ended up paying off,” she explained. “So many folks ask us about it and it smells so great. After we come back from a trip we always notice how much we love that it has that new house smell after several years.” Another clear decision was to include Christine’s favorite signature color – blue – into the space. She chose Sherwin-Williams’ Georgian Bay for their custom-made bookcase in their living room that holds their large collection of books that as academics they had collected over the years. 

The kitchen and bathroom took some time to design – Christine went back and forth both about the color of the cabinetry and the hardware. Not certain of whether she should go with a mix of metals, she finally decided that her choice of brass hardware with stainless steel appliances was the right one. For the cabinetry, she selected white to compliment the herringbone subway tile. Both the bathroom and the kitchen feature ceramic tile with a marble pattern instead of the more expensive option of large slabs of Carrara marble whose natural pattern and color are hard to match up.

Finally, the architect that worked with them was able to create two storage closets and a powder room to increase storage without compromising on the modern look. These three spaces were hidden with shiplap which didn’t originally come with the design of the home. “Incorporating subtle hints of a farmhouse interior became helpful to balance out the different styles,” Christine said, “I wanted to create a timeless ‘homey’ feel since modern homes can sometimes feel cold and uninviting,”