Once a local open-air cinema nestled in a garden filled with fruit trees and stone houses, a collaboration between architect Erol Tabanca, founder of Polimeks, one of the world’s largest construction companies and his wife Rana Tabanca, along with interior decorator Hakan Ezer, has turned a set of historic buildings in the Turkish coastal town of Alaçatı into a destination hotel, ALAVYA

Five stone relic buildings are original to the property, and the design team added a sixth. Rena proudly shares, “Today, ALAVYA consists of six separate buildings named; Opal, Jade, Ruby, Turquoise, Aquamarine, and Tourmaline.” Extreme care was taken during the construction process. In order to preserve a mulberry tree on the property, the designers decided to forgo two additional rooms. Rana says, “All the building methods were traditional and hand made. Totally old school. The history of the area and the buildings influenced the architecture in a way which led merging past and present with local and natural flair.“

Yet the hotel’s design itself is eclectic and lively. The architecture and plenty of design details reference the building’s past life, but the aesthetic is firmly rooted in the present, particularly due to the large collection of modern art on display.

Likewise, the surrounding town boasts a mix of modern comfort and old world charm with yoga lessons, windsuring, Vespas for rent, shopping at the colorful open-air Saturday market, and wine tasting at Urla, as well as historical visits such as Ephesus. Rana says, “We call ALAVYA The Happiness Factory, where each member of the team is motivated to attribute, firstly to their own and then to the happiness of our guests. We believe if our team is happy, our guests are bound to be happier. Designed, built and operated with love, it has become a place that offers all the pleasures of life.”

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