Interior designer Jessica Reynaud did not want to be too obvious when referencing the location of this Encinitas, California home. “The proximity to the beach gave us a strong concept to work behind, and we used it to create an elevated, natural and calming palette,” she explains. “Stone, zellige tile, and clean lines are utilized throughout the project to bring that ocean feeling in, without being so literal.”

The clients had worked with Design Everest Consulting Engineers on the home’s layout and plans, and then brought in Jessica’s design firm for the remainder. “They already had a strong starting vision for the space and were looking for more specific architectural and palette recommendations,” she shares. “One of the main goals was creating a home that felt cohesive throughout.”

The entry was opened up completely. To complement the new round window, Jessica designed custom built-ins. “This was an area where we decided to accentuate the ceiling and added a beam with ceiling paneling to create a ‘space within a space’ concept, without having a wall as separation,” the designer explains. 

In the kitchen, the stone backsplash adds a textural quality and feeling of warmth. “Originally the placement of the skylight seemed awkward and was not adding anything to the space, so we decided to use it as a highlight feature and wrapped it in shiplap paneling, which ended up being so beautiful and more intentional,” Jessica recalls. “I love using original architectural elements in a space that may feel like they don’t belong and giving them more context.”

For the living space, they removed the dated wooden built-ins to make room for modern shelving and a stone fireplace surround. “The ceiling height was brought up and highlighted with beams and shiplap, which perfectly reflects the symmetry of the new built-ins and hanging pendants,” she tells us.

In the bathroom, they added a shower and larger custom vanity with storage. Here, soft blue zellige and a patterned floor tile add color while still infusing the bathroom with a sense of calm. “We added a travertine sink to bring in more of that natural quality that is cohesive throughout the home,” Jessica explains. 

It was a unique project, as it was completed remotely since Jessica Reynaud Design is based in Ojai. “It was lot of communication with the contractor and client via phone call and text/email,” the designer recalls. “In the end, the client was pleased with the calm and warm space that was created.”