“I started working with them when they were dating and just moving in, and by the time we finished the project they were married,” Sayre Ziskin of SVZ Interior Design said of the homeowners of this space in West Hollywood. What was once a bachelor pad for him, soon had to be transformed into an elegant space for the newly married couple, leaving its unsophisticated cluttered look behind.

Sayre and homeowner Kristen worked together on this design project with a different strategy. “She has a very discerning eye — she likes unusual objects and art, she adores interesting lines and textures, but sticks with neutral, muted, clean colors,” Sayre said of Kristen. Instead of coming up with a design concept and then looking for the right pieces, the two began by shopping together and seeing what was the most striking. “Many of the fabrics were sourced from Donghia which has so many muted, contemporary but luxe textures and tones” Sayre explained, “and we procured many of the lights from Holly Hunt which was a great source of inspiration as well.”

Staying away from bold colors, except in the artwork, the two were able to create a sophisticated space that had a few edgy choices. “The custom Trove wallpaper that we did in the dining room has a pretty unique pattern; it took a bit of bravery to pull the trigger,” Sayre admitted. White walls, custom millwork and neutral foundation pieces like the sofa and rugs made it possible to take bigger risks in some of the upholstered pieces and accessories. “We were so thrilled with the way it came out,” Sayre said of the bold choices like the dining room wallpaper. “It’s really special.”