Designer Kate Hayes had moved back to Atlanta with her husband after spending ten years in New York. Although excited about their new Southern hometown, they wanted to make sure that some things stayed the same: a neighborhood that had a somewhat urban feel, walkability and views of the city. They ended up falling in love with a historic home in Grant Park, which Kate describes as “the Park Slope of Atlanta”. With its original pine floors in tact and 12 foot ceilings, she saw a lot of potential.

When they bought their starter home, it had a completely different vibe than what Kate and her husband wanted. Pale green and yellow walls, mint green cabinets — it was “cute” with a “farmhouse feel”. But now, with the opportunity to start again, after many years of renting in Brooklyn and in Atlanta, they wanted a more pared down sophisticated palette. One bold move was to paint their kitchen black. “It instantly elevated the space and made the builder grade white cabinets feel a lot nicer,” she said. “Plus, art looks great on black and we’re always adding to the walls in there.”

Entertaining and evenings were the focus of their design for the home. A screened porch in the back was a big draw for them when they bought the house- a place for them to sip coffee in the morning or a cocktail at the end of the day. Their design for the living and dining area was also centered around moments with friends in the evening. A 70s vintage console with inside lighting from Scott Antique Market and a textural antique rug from Sharian create that layered, dark and edgy feel that they were striving for. “I wanted to flex my design muscles a bit and aim for something timeless, both pretty and masculine,” Kate explained. “I think we got there.”