Judging by the unique eclecticism of this space, it’s hardly a surprise to discover that it’s the home of two creatives in Los Angeles, both who work as TV writers. When they contacted interior designer Stefani Stein, they had just purchased the property that was recently renovated by a local builder. It had promise but lacked the quirk that they were looking for.

“When I first started working with them, they began telling me how much they loved a colorful and eclectic space,” Stefani explained, “but through the design and discovery process, we unearthed that one of them loved color and traditional patterns, while the other was more drawn to a muted color palette and more subtle design elements.” The key to bridging the two and creating a personalized space for the couple was to combine a series of disparate pieces that were all telling the same story.

The sublime moment of the home’s overall design was the dining area just off the kitchen. “Burlwood is one of my absolute favorite materials and when I presented it to the clients, they too were instantly smitten,” Stefani said. “However, it can oftentimes feel quite formal, which wasn’t authentic to the clients’ lifestyle. In order to dress it down, I paired it with a casual and subtle floral-patterned wallpaper, vintage French garden chairs, and a playful ribbon pendant ceiling fixture.” The color selection for this part of the home was derived from a local landmark: “I’ve always had a fondness for the indelible Los Angeles pink and green combination Paul R. Williams bestowed upon us with his 1940s Beverly Hills Hotel renovation,” she added. “The faded olive green banquette and dusty pink wallpaper combination were inspired by the iconic pairing.”

When it came to functionality, Stefani’s clients were mainly concerned about being able to entertain their extended families and ensuring that nothing was too precious to deal with their two dogs and young son. The couple wanted to be able to seat eight people comfortably which wasn’t much of an option with a traditional rectangular table. Stefani came up with the idea of the banquette with a custom square table that provided ample room for eight, and could even squeeze in ten. In the living room, they wanted a cozy yet uncluttered space. “The clients had their hearts set on a leather sofa, but I didn’t want it to be dark and dominating,” she explained. “The light camel leather and ivory vintage rug laid the foundation for the vintage glass mosaic coffee table and accent textiles from Fermoie, Peter Dunham, Schumacher, Samuel & Son, Stroheim, and Carolina Irving, all layered over jute.”

With many custom and vintage items that gave the couple’s new home a personalized look, the project took eight months to complete. “The clients loved seeing their house become a home,” Stefani said. “After their first visit from extended family, they were happy to report that they actually comfortably squeezed in ten at the dining table with the banquette seating.”