In design, it’s common to talk about concepts, but it’s rare to see someone create a space that has such a tight vision behind it. This elegant all-white, farmhouse-style house is the home of entrepreneur Cheryl Krecsy. Owner of the boutique and café The Little White House Co in Fort Langley just outside of Vancouver, this is not her first time operating within this limited color scheme.

In fact, Cheryl has designed and built several monochromatic homes. Besides her Parisian-inspired shop and café, located in a charming historic Victorian house, she had built her previous home that was simpler and smaller than the one she lives in today. “When we built this farmhouse, I actually had two house designs in mind,” she said. “The other was a classic saltbox-style structure with a porch but I was more excited about creating something unique with a little modern feel to it.”

Although her space is monochromatic, Cheryl works with nuance: “I have lived and worked with many shades of white and see them as different colors, even though it is very subtle.” The exterior and interior of the home are both painted in Benjamin Moore’s “Chantilly Lace” but often have different patinas, ranging from super matte to semi-gloss. From this, she then layered in different tonalities of white such as the ivory beaded chandelier in her foyer and the sand-colored countertops in her master bathroom. Even her 36″ Bertazzoni range in the kitchen fits the chromatic scheme.

But what most are probably wondering is how she keeps her home so pristine. To that Cheryl offers a few tips. “White painted furniture cleans up easily and perfectly using hot soapy water and bits of Comet cleanser on your cloth,” she shared. “I also have several pieces of slipcovered furniture and throws that get tossed into my washing machine when needed, plus my handy portable upholstery/carpet cleaner helps.” Taking care of hardwood floors is hard enough, but in such a light tone it appears an impossible task. “My solid fir wood floors throughout my home have a whitewashed & topcoat finish.  In time they will become more distressed with wood knots showing which is what we wish for,” she shared. “I clean them using a wet mop system and my comet method for any scuff type marks.”

Cheryl’s house is a peaceful and warm space that inspires you to notice all of the details. “My house design inspiration came from my farm family background and my grandmother’s white farmhouse,” she said. “However when traveling I’m always drawn to white homes in almost any style.”