This gorgeous historical house is home to a young couple (an engineer and pharmacist), their two dogs and their one year old girl. The place had great original architectural bones but was filled with furniture from their past places, so they decided they wanted to graduate from their young adult furnishings to a home that boasted casual sophistication. That’s where the team at Austin Bean came in — without touching any walls are doing too much to the architecture of the space, since it was already quite charming, they helped this Tulsa, OK, couple create the perfect space for themselves and their future family.

“Youthfulness”, “history”, “craftsmanship” — these were the characteristics driving the design of this home. The homeowners wanted the space to have a casual elegance but they definitely didn’t want anything too precious so that their two dogs could comfortably roam free throughout the house. The key was to get new furnishings that had a vintage patina that way any new scrapes and overall wear-and-tear would easily blend in. Since one of the main features that the young couple wanted was “texture”, items in aged leather, woven jute and sisal, antiqued mirror fit the scheme perfectly.

The standout room of the home is the study. The team at Austin Bean chose an alluring charcoal paint for the walls called “Black Fox” by Sherwin Williams. “It really showcases the textures in the room, such as the turtle shells on the walls, and the linen chairs,” interior designer Mel Bean said,” the items displayed on the shelves also gain significance against the dark backdrop.” Indeed, adjacent to the airy and grand bedroom, with the four-poster bed from Oly, the shadowy study creates a nice separation from the rest of the house. From living room, to dining room, study and bedroom the home has an inviting flow that definitely showcases the sophistication that the couple wanted while seeming casual enough for comfortable living.