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Previously published on March 29, 2019:

In Los Angeles, Hancock Park is one of the most iconic and historic neighborhoods. For one family, it was the perfect place to carve out a space to continue to grow in. They wanted a space where their kids could hang around by the pool and where they could entertain family and friends, so they set their sights on a traditional Tudor style home. That said, they hoped to bring in modern elements that would really showcase their style. June Street Architecture was brought on for the renovation and the results are stunning. The team tells us more:

Hancock Park is very traditional. Did the neighborhood play a part in the style?
Although we kept a great deal of the original design, the homeowners did want modern accents incorporated. 

What condition was the property in at the start? What was the client’s goal when hiring you? 
We did a complete renovation on this traditional Tudor style home. The goal was to transform the once family unfriendly (cramped kitchen and no family room) home into a much more family-oriented space. We opened up the floor plan and managed to add square footage to the house with an extra bedroom, a reworked master suite, and also created an open kitchen/family room area. 

What were some of the most noteworthy architectural elements that you brought to the space?
The master bedroom is really where we created a shift from traditional to modern, on the inside as well as the outside. From the outside, the scale of the original house can still be seen but we did decide to add in modern details – like the flush metal panels. Steel doors in the bedroom overlook the yard and pool, creating a relationship between indoor and outdoor. The pool is pushed up right next to the bedroom, which gives the family the opportunity to sit by the pool, while still in their home. 

That sounds like a dream! Do you have any favorite features or moments in the home?
The large sliding doors are our favorite feature in the house, they give you direct access to the yard and further enhance that indoor-outdoor relationship that was so important to use throughout this process.

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