Many of us aren’t loyalists to one interior style — we find ourselves loving elements of one, as well as the other. But to be able to merge two different aesthetic languages together can be tricky, finding a common thread is key. Which is why we loved this home by MH Designs, that fuses contemporary and traditional so seamlessly. From white chippendale chairs, to contemporary brass lighting and traditional portraiture, there are many pieces from different stylistic eras that come together to make a great personalized space. We sat down with designer Maddie Hughes, to know more about the project:

What was your starting point with this home and project?
This was an older home in need of some major updating. My clients are young and wanted the house to better reflect their personality by modernizing the house. We had to keep in mind that the house is very traditional, and we were working on a budget, so we couldn’t force the house to be something it’s not. I think we created a good balance by incorporating some modern elements through the use of light fixtures, hardware, etc. but also by bringing in some traditional pieces to tie in the original bones of the house.

That’s so true, you have to respect the original architecture of the space when you think about the interior design! Color palettes are an under-appreciated element in interiors, you seem to have incorporated several. How did you choose each one for each room?
I knew that I wanted the formal dining/living room, kitchen and family room to feel cohesive since they are all adjacent to each other. The kitchen links the dining and family room together, so I started there first. I have been dying to use Designers Guild’s “Seraphina” fabric for the longest time. We ended up using this fabric for the shades in the kitchen. It has so many great colors to pull from. All three room’s color palettes are based around it.

The bedroom is off on its own, so I didn’t feel the need for it to be so cohesive with the rest of the house as far as color goes. I knew I wanted to use Biscuit Home’s “Marfa” bedding, and later, I came across the piece of art to use above the bed by Lindsey Meyer, I had a really good idea of what colors would be used in the bedroom. 

What were you clients looking for when they approached you?
When my clients approached me, they wanted to give their older home a bit of an updated and refreshed feel. They were also expecting a baby relatively soon, and their main concern was completing all the renovations before the baby arrived. We had about four months to lay new floors throughout the house, completely gut and remodel the kitchen and guest bathroom and also furnish the entire house. I have one of the best and most reliable contractors around, and he got to work right away starting demo the day before Christmas. We pulled everything off just in time for the baby to arrive!

How did you implement their concerns and ideas into the space?
This was such a fun project for me because other than working on a deadline, there were not very many guidelines or restrictions. My clients trusted my design plan without any concerns, and I really appreciated that.

What pieces were special finds or took extra time to acquire?
We needed an extra piece of furniture for storage in the breakfast area. I like mixing “the new” with “the old”, and we already had quite a bit of “new” going on in the breakfast area, so I really wanted to find a vintage buffet. This took some time to find the right piece and size, but with help from The Collected Eclectic, we found the perfect piece. They did an incredible job refurbishing!

What challenges did you confront?
One of our main challenges was the kitchen. The wall where the sink is located is at an angle, which created some problems. We wanted to remove all the fur downs and extend the cabinets all the way to the ceiling, but the angled wall prohibited us from being able to do that. There was a support beam that had to stay and would have looked kind of funky exposed, so long story short we had to keep the fur downs. We painted the cabinets the same color as the wall and kept the fur downs really clean and simple to make them inconspicuous. I don’t even notice them now! They are such a huge improvement from before.

What was the most successful part of the project?
My main goal for every project is client satisfaction. We were able to pull all of this off by my client’s deadline, and they were so thrilled with the results. To me, that is the ultimate definition of success when it comes to being a designer.

Definitely! It’s about the client first and foremost. What was your clients reaction when they saw the space?
I’m not sure how my clients did this, but they were actually living in the space while all of the renovation work was taking place. Because of that, there wasn’t a big reveal, but I loved checking in on the project and seeing how happy they were with all of the progress being made. It was like Christmas morning for me every time I made a visit!