Would you consider designing your whole home in monochrome? That’s exactly what interior design studio and home décor shop Peridot Decorative Homewear & Design created for one brave client, a mature couple who had recently downsized from a large family home. The clients asked for a home that had “modern lines but felt cozy and relaxed with a bit of edge and glam.” The homeowners love to entertain and wanted the space to be open and inviting. Plus, because the home is right on the ocean, they also wanted to make sure that the views were showcased. We say, aiming for open and inviting? Perfectly executed.

Creating depth and warmth in a tone-on-tone space can be difficult. How did you tackle this project?
Tone on tone is all about starting with a neutral palate and then adding texture and different elements to your space. In this home for have exposed raw concrete walls, polished tile floors, hides, super textured pillows, wallpaper, lucite, nickel and brass hardware — all in the same tone but give so much dimension to the space while keeping it fresh.

Once you start adding layers to a space that is a tone on tone palate it will create the personality. When choosing fabrics try and mix it up — you may want to pick a linen for your sofa, so pick a soft leather for your occasional chair and then add textural pillows.

Tone on tone spaces feel fresh and modern and as you add the special pieces of art or a beaded pillow or a quartz lamp, it will give your space more personality and allow the unique pieces to stand out.

View the slideshow to see the full tour and get room-by-room tips from Peridot’s designers.