Justin Krzyston started his career on the construction side of home design as a contractor but the LA-based designer’s self-described “obsession with seeing my project all the way through to the end” slovely evolved into interest in interior design. He says, “as a licensed General Contractor it was only a natural transition to overseeing what will actually fill the space you are creating.”

His background as a constructor was a key deciding factor for the owners of this Toluca Lake home. He explains, “My clients had barely moved in a year prior with two small boys under the age of 3 when they noticed some warping on their hardwood floors. They soon discovered the hot water piping under the house had burst literally causing a steam shower effect under the house. They were forced to move from their new home, as the leaky pipe made staying in the house impossible during repairs.”

Drawn to the concept of having a general contractor and his team who were willing to take on not just the construction, but the complete interior design of the home, the homeowners knew they had found the right match in Justin. He says, “We literally did everything from sourcing to selecting their linens and bedroom furniture to complete reconstruction of the home.”

It wasn’t a straightforward repair, either. Justin made several key changes to the layout including moving an awkwardly located laundry room upstairs, necessitating opening a wall and building a cubby into the attic space. He also oversaw a complete kitchen renovation and added a second-story library next to the master bedroom. In the end, the homeowners “were beyond thrilled to see their home completely redesigned and updated. They could not believe the transformation.”

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