The common trope for homes with young children is that nothing can stay clean and look “designed”. We’ve seen it on all sorts of HGTV shows where flustered parents need help desperately to make their home appropriate for adults again. This home, by Claire Worth Parkinson of DESIGNWORTHY, is a great example that practicality for real life with young children doesn’t mean letting go of great style. For this family of four, including two toddlers under the age of 3, the parents were able to achieve the home they wanted without much compromise.

Both professionals in the tech industry, the homeowners moved from a lovely Victorian home in San Francisco to this modern space built in 2014 in Berkeley, CA. “The architecture of the home was a pretty blank, albeit decidedly modern, slate,” Claire shared. “The homeowners really wanted to warm up and soften the space for their family.” The key to making their home more welcoming was to opt for a style that they dubbed “Layered Library Luxe”. Based on adding a mixture of styles, patterns and textures, the concept behind their home’s decor was about creating a bohemian foundation, routed in casual living with small elegant touches. The brass lighting and velvet armchairs are examples of these luxe elements.

Claire spent a fair amount of time with her clients figuring out the layout and making sure that the living space had its functionality. They decided on a Restoration Hardware sofa with high-performance fabric by Perennials® for the living room and a colorfully patterned rug that hides stains well. Next, Claire came up with great family-friendly options: “the round ottoman is a great piece for homes with children, due to the lack of sharp edges – it also acts as additional seating for entertaining and the leather will look great with some distressing.”

Finally, the designer added in personal touches, most notably the Kiwi bird purchased by the clients on a memorable trip to New Zealand. She layered their art into the space in the form of a gallery wall, cleverly disguising the extremely modern and high-placed window above the sofa. “Building the funky modern window into the overall design plan for the gallery ended up lending a lot of balance to the space,” she said. “I personally love mixing styles for an eclectic look and am so thrilled with the way this space turned out – the two distinct styles really work together to highlight one another. I want people to know that they can achieve any style (regardless of what their home looks like), as long as it’s done thoughtfully and intentionally.”