RIS Interior was given the task to transform this new build in Taichung City, Taiwan for a family of four. The clients wanted their new home to be personalized but had already agreed to the finishes selected by the builder for the flooring, walls, and staircase. It was then RIS Interior’s goal to turn this 5 story home into the sleek and elegant space without too much ostentation.

The homeowners were clear on one thing – they loved a blue, black, and white color palette and absolutely did not want any wood with a bold grain. Instead, RIS opted for subtly veined marble behind the tv console and built-in bookshelf, as well as a mix of metals including bold moments of titanium. The niche below the tv console was a particular feat of engineering, bending metal titanium plates and combining them irregularly to play with form. The kitchen cabinets were standardized from the construction company, however, RIS Interior decided to give them a custom finish and color. For the majority of the home, a base of blue was paired moments of mustard. In the kitchen, the homeowner had mostly copper-toned cookware, which went well with a purple-leaning blue.

As for the sleekness of the home, it was imperative to keep the lines clean and simple. An ornate ceiling medallion in the living room is the only detailed feature that was included. The majority of the three out of five stories that RIS Interior transformed were given a simplified yet interesting look using rhythmic layering of materials and patinas. It was important for them and their clients to strike the right balance between decorative and over-designed.