The industrial style has been all the rage for the past 5 years, and although we like the look, it’s always exciting to see a new take on it. Enter this gorgeous Sag Harbor loft that serves as a get-away space from the hectic urban life of this home owner. They turned to Décor Aid to breathe life and comfort into a factory-turned-condo build. Once the architecture of the space became apparent to the designers at Décor Aid, instead of the initial rock n’ roll pitch that they received, they decided to go in a sophisticated rustic direction.

Kept in tact were the building’s original exposed beams and brick archways. A slick modern kitchen with wood cabinetry gave the solarium a warm yet contemporary look, creating the perfect setting for a warm coffee at the start of the day. Then, for an evening glass of wine, the designers at Décor Aid embraced the lack of bright light in the living room, bringing in slick elements such as a smoked glass backed bar and a custom gray lounge sofa.

The goal was to create a space that felt lived in, but as it’s a second home, the home owner didn’t want too much fuss. Just a few stand-out pieces such as the black leather chairs at the entrance from 1st Dibs and a Restoration Hardware dining table in the kitchen bring enough personality without the hassle of too many details to take care of. The result, we think, is a perfect blend of industrial, rustic, elegant, and casual styles. This would be a dream first home, let alone a second!