Making the move from Manhattan to Texas can be a daunting one, but not when you’ve got THE Interior Stylist to help. Brooke Cariker Inabnett, or The Interior Stylist as she’s known, can quickly turn a house into a well-styled home, and was ready to help her client transition to Texas with ease. The apartment was in The Glass House, a modern project in uptown Dallas, and the client wanted her new home to have a chic, cozy, feminine feel. With 4 rooms – a kitchen, living area, sitting nook, and bedroom – the entire space was quickly transformed to the dreamy bachelorette pad we see today. Bonus points – they never strayed from the conservative budget. Brooke tells us more:

This space is just beautiful, Brooke! What did you and the client first decide on for inspiration?
In the beginning, we drew our inspiration and color scheme from her love of the ocean, with different shades of blue. We then added neutral colors and pops of pink to coordinate our color scheme. The vision was pretty straightforward: find the right pieces. In a modern space like this, oftentimes more is more!

You did this on a great budget. Any tips for not compromising style OR budget?
Take your time and find the right pieces that you really love for a good price.  We found a number of items on Etsy and eBay in order to get the biggest selection and best deals we could on art, handmade rugs, and vintage furniture. And just because an item you love isn’t nearby doesn’t mean it can’t be yours. A lot of sellers are willing to ship larger pieces via Greyhound very reasonably. And, when it came to the new custom furniture pieces, we ordered through the showrooms of the Hickory Furniture Mart in North Carolina at factory-direct prices. In addition, we found some small businesses in Dallas that were able to make custom items that looked like similar pieces we were seeing in the market with much higher price tags.

What is your ‘design mantra?’ 
I have a few design mantras, but the one that rings true for this project is wait until you find the right piece instead of rushing out to fill the void.  It may take longer for the space to come together, but in the end you will achieve a curated and collected look.

So wise! In your opinion, what does every room need?
Every room needs a statement piece.  In the two living areas, the large scale framed art and the art gallery wall are the things you remember most.

What’s next for The Interior Stylist?
More projects, all vastly different from one another. While one home is modern, the other is quite traditional. I love being able to indulge in both styles!

Take a tour of the space, and learn more about Brooke’s process (and the products!!), in the slideshow below.