When we think of renovations, most of us don’t think of small spaces being ideal candidates. But with the right floor plan, furniture choice, and design tricks, you can completely transform the perceived amount of space. This apartment, designed by Estudio LAFLORENCE in Brazil, is just 600 square feet yet includes a dining area, kitchen, living room and spacious bedroom. Every inch is used to its greatest potential, style being infused in every corner.

Although this one bedroom apartment is located in Porto Alegre (in the South of Brazil), Estudio LAFLORENCE wanted to give it a clean Scandinavian feel. First to go was the wall that separated the living room and kitchen (cutting off the feeling of space in both areas). Stylish details in these two spaces make all of the difference — the mixture of the white marble breakfast bar, the concrete beam (kept after uncovering the wall), and dark details in the cabinets and back wall create an alluring mix and elegance.

In a similar way, the architects at Estudio LAFLORENCE uncovered the wall behind the dining table and bed finding gorgeous brick, which they then painted white to blend in with the rest of the walls while giving the space texture. Keeping the color-scheme uniform is a great way to give small spaces the illusion of being bigger, but adding different textures and materials keep them interesting.

With the interior architecture of the space being so visually appealing, Estudio LAFLORENCE kept the furniture design very simple. Their focus was to bring in a Scandinavian simplicity to the space, with little touches such as the bright artwork and banana leaf plants to bring in a bit of Brazilian flair. The result is a clean yet small apartment that packs a lot of style without overwhelming in scale or presence. This apartment inspires us to rethink our own homes, whether large or small, and think how a few floor plan changes and cohesive finishings could make a big difference.