Sensing scale in photographs can be challenging. Needless to say, we were surprised to learn that this home by Isabelle Cyr and Sandy Cathcart, co-founders and principal designers of Cyr Cathcart, is practically pint-sized. It is the showhome of a sustainable development by BromontImmobilier for small families or others who want a more compact home within a friendly community that includes a shared ski hill. Given the small square footage, the goal for Cyr Cathcart was to show to people that even in smaller homes, you can have enough space to be very comfortable.

The design focuses on using every nook and cranny of home, such as a built in spice rack and cutting board in the kitchen, stairs that lift for easy access, and storage in the 12 foot ceiling in the entrance. For Sandy, “The best part of this project is how we showed how you can have lots of storage even in a smaller home: the banquette was designed to have more room for the storage in the kitchen, the counter is retractable for when you need more counter space, the storage in the living room was built solid enough so you van use it as a sitting place, unused space behind the television is now accessible by putting the TV on a sliding door, the mechanical room is hidden behind 3 panel door that takes up less space and is used as a coat rack.” Plus, in the office is a Murphy bed.

The home is united by the use of blues but also has several areas where the color scheme goes notably darker, in the kitchen, living room, and — our favorite — the porch. Sandy explains, “Our color scheme was dark blue, black and white with a little bit of pastel colors for accents. Without going too feminine, we wanted a bit of Scandinavian inspiration.” The home is also quite playful. As Sandy points out, “Not many clients are willing to go with pastel colors on cabinets.”

In order to maximize space and achieve their aesthetic vision, Cathy and Isabelle customized many pieces. Each wallpaper was designed by the duo, and they created the rug in the living room from FLOR tiles to be able to customize the colors and patterns. In addition, they collaborated with local lighting company authentiklighting, resulting in a home that is completely customized from the ground up.