Danielle Fennoy of Revamp Interior Design had quite a few constraints working on this apartment for a family of six in New York’s Carnegie Hill neighborhood. It was a development conversion, where small one-bedroom and studio apartments were being combined by the builder to create larger family homes with multiple bedrooms. This meant that she had to look beyond the “white box” that the space was, to create something much more personalized and comfortable for her clients and their four children.

“Six people in one NYC apartment is a lot,” Danielle quipped. “It means you need room for a lot of people to sit and it means a lot of wear and tear on furniture. So everything had to be low maintenance and roomy.” The homeowners didn’t have any specific requirements except for one: that they’d be able to seat seventeen at the dinner table. “The table had to be easily cleanable, and expandable,” she explained. “Oh and fit the budget too. OY. I’m proud to say we found the perfect beautiful table from Carl Hansen. The top is white laminate and has lightweight extensions that enable them to seat seventeen…We got it done.”

As for the overall style, Danielle’s clients were drawn to the airiness and comfort of Scandinavian design. “That didn’t mean, though, that they didn’t want a little drama and color as well,” she added. “We had fun with rich and playful wallpaper in the foyer that created the palette in the great room and beyond: light woods, blues, and teals of different shades, an acrylic coffee table, and punchy floral chairs. Most of the pieces have clean lines and an openness that makes the space feel casual and inviting.”

Besides selecting the right materials and furniture profiles, Danielle got a little creative about a few of the interior architectural elements. “The lighting was the riskiest part of the project,” she said. “The ceilings were low at just under 8 feet, we didn’t have a lot of clearance in the concrete slab ceiling to bury recessed lighting or even standard-sized junction boxes in all rooms, so we found a clean monorail system that would provide lighting where needed in the living room and den. There were so many approvals involved in getting this done, but it worked out and every room now has unique and adequate lighting.” Other designed elements were the custom white-washed oak millwork in the living areas that gave the family ample room to store and display their cherished pieces. These sorts of details along with Danielle’s knack for finding just the right pieces meant that the homeowners’ white box of an apartment was transformed into a comfortable home with personality for the whole family.